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Conegliano, 2019

The project proposes a skyline at the scale of the Alps with internal distribution where traditional corridors are replaced by a network of urban roads with sudden glimpses of the surrounding landscape.

A project in tune with the environmental characteristics and in particular the presence of a landmark that at the same time intervenes in the "workplace" with more innovative perspectives.

The presence of an imposing arch of mountains, especially when cloaked in snow, has suggested a sequence of degrading terraces, suspended gardens and internal patios, which overlook the landscape, such as to blend with the surrounding landscape.

The shape of the elongated triangular lot is enhanced by the pointed bow of the built volume, where the maximum height is concentrated.

Transparency and vibrability are the principles that guided the search for textures for external surfaces: a sequence of cedar rods of varying thickness, screens of punched sheet of corten to form almost a large lace; The alternation or overlapping of these two "skins" creates the effect of an immaterial screen of maximum transparency.

The suggestion for the visitor is to immerse yourself in an atmosphere in which the natural light that filters with different inclinations and directions, determines a symbolic and functional path together.

The research of the materials to be used began together with the first elaborations of the project.
The punched corten sheet becomes the protagonist, the high perforated walls at the same time make the vibrating surface under the light.
A forest of wooden reeds act as a filter to the light. The reeds also have their olfactory connotation, as they are made of cedar wood and smell when wet by rain.

The work is not delivered as a finished product, but as an organism at the beginning of a new process of transformation, which will be operated by nature over time
The end result is a variety of shades that strongly attenuates the impact of the built for its degree of harmonisation with the surrounding environment


Client: Città Conegliano
Location: Conegliano (TV)
Project: Piergiorgio Semerano
Collaborators: Salvatore Musarò, Stefano Sabato, Ludovica Fava, Stefano Zanardi, Stefano Antonello
Chronology: design: 2018-2019
Completion date: 01/2024
Gross area (mq): 32'420
Cost (€): 5'000'000

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