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Born in 1994, he trained at the Polytechnic of Bari where he graduated five years in Architecture in 2018 with a thesis on the revitalization of the Kombinat district in Tirana (AL).

He succeeded in a brilliant way in bringing together his passions of architecture and continuous discovery, traveling and maturing important work and academic experiences abroad, between Tirana (AL) Granada (ES) and Paris (FR).

This passion was born initially as an interior design, coming from a family of furniture makers, but it expands and strengthens the built architecture, maturing a great sensitivity for the creation of the project, combined with an experimental modeling and an accurate representation of the idea and the project.

During these years, in addition to teaching courses in Interior Design, he collaborates with several studios with which he wins several awards for international competitions.

He returned to Italy in 2020 where he had the pleasure of meeting the architect Toti Semerano, with whom he began a lively collaboration that still lasts today!

Tel: 320-9617225
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