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Tel: 346-7655264

Alias SATU, born in 1990, completes his professional training in Rome with the achievement of a degree in Architecture - Industrial Design.. In Rome, through direct knowledge, he has the opportunity to breathe and learn the modus operandi of illustrious figures in the field of Architecture and Design, such as Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Studio) and Gaetano Pesce.. In 2015 he joined the design team of the Laboratory of Architecture Semerano, having immediately the opportunity to compete with ambitious and innovative projects that have obtained over the years important awards and publications on major sites of Architecture and international magazines.. In a continuous process of experimentation and research, develops a research project in the field of innovation and parametric architecture applied to the world of Architecture and Design, a project that has the potential to evolve gradually over time into a more complex organism.. This process is based on "divergent thinking", able to break the patterns, that rejects the encoded, that refers objects and concepts... That’s SATU !

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